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TMR Wind Direction Transmitter - compact

by: Thies

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Product information "TMR Wind Direction Transmitter - compact"

The wind direction transmitter is designed for the acquisition of the horizontal wind direction. The measuring values are output as electrical digital signals. The measuring data available are ideally adapted to the supply in display instruments, recording instruments, datalogger, as well as process control systems.

Technical Data:

  • Measuring range: 0...360°
  • Resolution: ca. 0.35°
  • Accuracy: ± 1°
  • Starting Threshold: ≤ 1 m/s acc. to ASTM Standards D 5366-96
    ≤ 0.4m/s acc. to VDI Directive 3786 Part 2
  • Delay Distance: < 2.5 m acc. to ASTM Standards D 5366-96
  • Damping Ratio: > 0,3 acc. to ASTM- Standards D 5366-96
  • Measuring principle: magnetic
  • Output: 10 Bit Seriell Synchron
  • Output Data (Amplitude): Upp = Vcc
  • Input Clock (Amplitude): 3,3V...Vcc (max)
  • Output Signal: ULow = 0 / UHight » UB (unloaded)
  • Load (max.): 10mA
  • Start Delay: 5s after the operating voltage is connected, the serial data output is released.
  • Operating voltage: (Vcc) 3,3...30 V DC/24VAC
  • Power Consumption: <1,0mA (at UB = 5V)
  • Operating voltage heating: 24 V DC/AC, max. 20 W
  • Ambient temperature: - 40 °C ... + 70 °C
  • Survival speed: maximally 80 m/s, 30 minutes
  • Connection: 7 pol. Plug
  • Protection: IP 55, in position of application
  • Weight: ca. 0,5 kg

Mode of operation

The outer parts of the instrument are made of corrosion-resistant material (aluminum, stainless steel, plastic). The aluminum parts are additionally protected by means of an anodic coat. Labyrinth sealing protects sensitive parts inside the instrument against humidity.
The wind direction is detected by a low-inertia wind vane. The axis of the wind vane is running in ball bearings and carries a diametrically magnetized magnet at the inner end. The angle position of the axis is scanned contact-free by a magnetic angle sensor (TMR-Sensor = Tunnel Magneto Resistance), which gives two sinus- and cosines-dependent voltages as output signals. From this, a micro-controller calculates the wind direction, and the linear relationship between the angle and the digital output.

Heating optional:

For winter time use the instrument is optionally equipped with an electronically regulated heating, in order to guarantee a smooth-running of the ball bearing, and to prevent a blocking of the gap between the external rotation parts by ice aggregation.

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Order No.: SW2045.1


€ 395,00

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VAT plus Shipping rates & policies*

ab € 395,00

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