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SAMsation Package Classic

by: EOL GmbH

Order No.: SW2075

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Product information "SAMsation Package Classic"

SAMsation is an innovative system for meteorological data capturing. In contrast to previous data loggers in this area, SAMsation is a peripherally rigged up system, in which the data collection and processing takes place by many little data units, referred to as SAMdevice, which can record and power two sensors at a time. They are equipped with own solar cells, batteries and data storages. Furthermore they are mounted close by the sensors, whence they transport the 10 Minute-Average Value wirelessly to a center, referred to as SAMstation. These data are analyzed after they are accumulated and transferred from the center. By the use of this concept of decentralized record and wireless transmission the essential risks concerning independent meteorological measurements are avoided.

SAMsation Package Classic includes:

  • 1 x SAMstation
    incl. Steel cabinet, solar power and modem
  • 6 x SAMdevice consisting of:
    • 4 x Type 1.1 (anemometer / wind vane)
    • 1 x Type 2.1 (e.g. temperature / humidity)
    • 1 x Type 3.1 (e.g. air pressure)

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Further information about "SAMsation Package Classic"

SAMsation Website

Available downloads:

Download Data Sheet SAMdevice
Download Data Sheet SAMstation
Download Datenblatt SAMstation
Download Datenblatt SAMdevice

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Order No.: SW2075

€ 3900,00

Prices plus
VAT plus Shipping rates & policies*

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