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SAMmobile Package for Small Wind Turbines

by: EOL GmbH

Order No.: SW2118.1

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Product information "SAMmobile Package for Small Wind Turbines"

For marketers of small wind turbines two factors play a
central role in their consultations with customers. A site
must be found that will provide the best possible wind
energy yields. And at the same time the project must be
commercially viable.

To plan in accordance with these factors, accurate and
reliable data must be available. A wind measurement
undertaken at the planned site and the intended height
of the turbine will provide the best and the most reliable

For this purpose, a measurement system is needed that is
oriented to the needs of the investors in the small wind
turbine facility. In the development of such a measurement
system, the focus must be on reducing costs and
manpower requirements while ensuring a high quality of
measurement accuracy. This is exactly what the SAMsation


SAMmobile Package Small Wind Energy:

Package SAMdevice SAMmobile
1 1 /
2 5 1
3 10 1
4 25 2







SAMmobile - 5-pack – what's included (example):

  • 5 x SAMdevices
  • 5 x anemometers
  • 5 x wind vanes
  • 5 x booms
  • 1 x SAMmobile

A measurement mast is not included.

Delivery time: on enquiry!

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Order No.: SW2118.1

€ 990,00

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