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SAMmobile Package Classic

by: EOL GmbH

Order No.: SW2083

€ 3975,00

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Product information "SAMmobile Package Classic"

SAMmobile is a variant of the SAMstation, which is intended for portable use. For this purpose, it is packed in a tough case and supplemented with an integrated display.

SAMmobile measures either wind or solar which can be regularly be approached for maintenance or monitoring purposes and data acquisition. The data is collected regularly and entrained using wireless connection of the SAMmobile then the data will be ready for the evaluation. Advantage of this approach is, it can be used for many sites instead of using the SAMdevice - more expensive SAMstation for multiple locations / measurements. Especially in the field of wind measurements for small wind turbines, where usually only there is a measurement height recorded, SAMmobile offers significant cost savings.

SAMmobile Package Classic includes:

  • 1 x SAMmobile
    Portable data logger for remote reading of SAMdevice incl. Antenna
  • 5 x SAMdevice V3.0 consisting of:
    • 3 x Type 1.1 xl (Anemometer/Wind vane)
    • 1 x Type 2.1 xl (e.g. Temp-/Humidiy sensor
    • 1 x Type 3.1 xl (e.g. pressure sensor)

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Further information about "SAMmobile Package Classic"

SAMsation Website

Available downloads:

Download Data Sheet SAMdevice
Download Datenblatt SAMdevice

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Order No.: SW2083

€ 3975,00

Prices plus
VAT plus Shipping rates & policies*

ab € 3975,00

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