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The components

SAMstation (download fact sheet)

SAMdevice  (download fact sheet) 

SAMcheck   (download fact sheet) 


The SAMsation principle

•   Decentralized data collection

•   Collection and storage of raw data

•   Tamper-proof data

•   Wireless data transmission

•   Encrypted data

•   Redundant data storage


The benefits of  SAMsation

•   Central data collection

•   Decreased risk of cable swapping

•   Decreased cable setup time

•   Reduced cable costs

•   No environmental influences

•   No vandalism damages


The USPs of SAMsation

•   Suitable for up to 250

•   For application in

    – collecting meteorological data

    – monitoring in wind farms

    – monitoring in solar parks

•   Decoding software for Windows, Linux and Mac

•   Email and other settings via website

•   Compatible with windYcator 2.0