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Quality Policy

Since its establishment EOL GmbH is a responsible company dedicated to its clients’ needs, their projects and high working standards. EOL’s business is steered by the knowledge that the quality of the work, the used information, data and tools are essential for the success of a client’s project.
The selection of products represented in the shop follows certain quality criteria:

     - High Quality & Reputable Products (e.g. first class standard for anemometer)
     - Reliability & Sustainability
     - Efficiency & Product Value
     - Long Term Experience
     - Sufficient References and Long Track Record of supplier’s products
     - Good Service & Maintenance
     - Flexibility & Variety in System Combination

Most of our clients using wind measurement equipment need to operate systems which follow the most important national and international technical guidelines (e.g. IEC 61400-12, IEA Guideline No.11, FGW TR6, DIN EN ISO 9613-2, VDI 2714) for standards in the wind industry. In general the installation, operation and the results are audited by accredited laboratories according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 norm. These laboratories and wind assessment experts will generate bankable stud-ies and reports based on the supplied equipment.
EOL’s main goal is to supply the right system design, equipment and accessories as well as to provide services from start to end for client’s highest achievement: the successful implementation of his wind farm project.