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General terms & privacy

Privacy/Legal Notice

1. Area of application

The conditions of entering into a business contract - including all future contracts between the seller and the buyer are set forth herein exclusively and are binding at the time of ordering merchandise. Conditions altered by the customer are not recognized by EOL GmbH (named EOL in the further text), except when EOL has specifically acknowledged their validity in writing.
EOL only sells to customers who are or order by proxy of registered companies or merchants. This has to be proved by registering to our shop including the VAT number.

2. Placing an Order - Completion of Contract

EOL agrees to accept the customer's order based on the conditions of the web site. If the web site should contain printing-, spelling- and/or accounting errors not caused by EOL, the seller is entitled to cancel the order. The contract becomes binding after order confirmation by EOL and acceptance of the shipping offer send by EOL to the customer if necessary.

3. Shipping and Delivery

Unless otherwise specified, the delivery of the order is made from the warehouse to the address given by the buyer. The liability for the ordered goods lies with the buyer as soon as the goods have departed the EOL place of business; this applies also when shipping only part of an order. In order to reduce the risk of loss, all orders could be insured if wished by the customer for additional costs . Stated delivery dates are not binding except when otherwise agreed on in writing.
The delivery time depends on the availability of the products. Details to the specific delivery time (EXW -ready to ship) of each product are described in the product-specification and do not include shipping times to the customer.
The costs of shipping depend on the package size, the value, the kind of transport and the country. Therefore a shipping proposal will be send after ordering if not explicitly included. Shipping costs, insurance and other customs or tariff dues will be invoiced on a T&M-basis additional 5% handling fee. Import fees and taxes have to be paid by the importer directly to customs.

4. Payments Due and Late Payments

Payment for the purchased goods is due upon placement of the order and after receipt of the order confirmation. The buyer can render payment per credit card, direct debit or prepayment after receipt of the invoice. When the sum is credited to our account, the purchase is considered paid. The customer is liable for additional costs that may result when refunding money and/or other fees. When payment is late, EOL is entitled to charge a late fee of 1% per month for the invoiced value. In case EOL can creditably prove that their loss caused by late payment exceeds the amount stated above, the company can lawfully post these charges.

5. Payment Deduction, Partial Payment

The customer is entitled to change payment only when the amount in question is lawfully certified and/or acknowledged by EOL. Also, the buyer's right withholding a portion or part of payment is subject to the same rules and regulations as for the seller.

6. Ownership of Merchandise

EOL is the sole owner of the ordered products until proper payment is rendered in full by the customer.

7. Defects, Guarantee, and Warranty

EOL can choose to remedy defective products by either repairing or replacing the article. If EOL is not willing or not able to repair or replace the defective goods or the shipment is late beyond a reasonable time period for reasons EOL has to justify; or if the attempt to repair/replace the goods in one or another way has failed, the customer is entitled to cancel the order.  If nothing else of pertinence is stated below, further demands made by the customer - for whatever reasons - are not permissible. Therefore EOL is not liable for any damage not directly connected with the ordered goods. EOL is especially not liable for the buyer's monetary losses or other property losses or damage thereof. The liability of EOL is restricted or limited, this holds also true for the personal liability of employees, representatives and facilitating clerks.  Above stated liability restrictions are void if the cause of damage is intentional or based upon gross negligence. The liability restriction is also void under the conditions stated in paragraphs 1 and 4, product liability law; demands for failure to fulfil the promised product's quality or demands for recompense according to the paragraphs 463, 480 part 2 or the BGB (German Civil Code of Law). The same applies also to initial inability or justifiable impossibility.  If EOL is negligent and fails to keep any inherent part of the contract, EOL is responsible only for the damage that typically occurred to goods or persons.  The guarantee shall be good for 6 months starting at receipt of goods.

8. Protection of Personal Data

We are using secure technology furnished by a bank. The Secure Software Server SSL and SET is currently the safest system available in online trade. All your personal data such as credit card number, bank identification - and account number as well as your name and address are transmitted in code by the Secure Software Server. This information is not accessible during transmission via Internet by unauthorized persons. At the time of entering your information, the system changes all symbols into a code, which is then securely transmitted. Please note that according to paragraph 33 BDSG, your data is exclusively used to facilitate the contracted business - that is our obligation. Thus the customer has been fully informed by EOL about the type, extent, location, and purpose of transmitting, recording and reviewing online of personal data, their processing and utilization for the completion of ordering goods. The customer agrees explicitly with the above statement.

9. Terms of Law, Domicile and Seat of Law

The terms of the above agreement are governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany with the exclusion of UN purchasing rights. For all legal demands in connection with this business agreement, the exclusive seat of law is Kassel, Germany.  10. Cancellation, Return or Exchange Policies As the buyers are no private persons, we do not agree to grant the buyer to exchange or return the ordered goods beside any defects or warranty causes.
The return of goods has to be announced to EOL per phone or via e-mail. EOL will tell you how to send back the goods or organize the transport. In case of faulty products EOL will pay the shipping cost of the replacement order.  At this time, we like to point out that we are not responsible for any content, partly or entirely, appearing in any foreign homepage linked with EOL, or partner link; from that we distance ourselves and reject any liability.


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